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Filmed and Edited by Kon.
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  • Yall should do a meetup here in the USA - Kansas

    SpyyderOWSpyyderOWPřed 22 dny
  • I support Manchester City so ye go city

    StrangerGamet 123StrangerGamet 123Před měsícem
  • Manchester is blue 🔵

    Legend of NibbaheemLegend of NibbaheemPřed měsícem

    MHighlightsMHighlightsPřed 5 měsíci
  • Omg I wish I knew about this channel then I live right next to the stadium

    Ameliebean 07Ameliebean 07Před 6 měsíci
  • O

    Time is something PreciousTime is something PreciousPřed 6 měsíci
  • I hope I could meet them.

    Martin AmwajMartin AmwajPřed 7 měsíci
  • Come Manchester again

    mustyfffjeff 21mustyfffjeff 21Před 8 měsíci
  • That girl 1:39 is fire

    Joseph MorrisonJoseph MorrisonPřed 11 měsíci
  • Lowkey just here to find Hannah

    Sandra's SidesSandra's SidesPřed rokem
  • I wanna see how I would do in playing the sdmn in fifa

    Kevan FlanaganKevan FlanaganPřed rokem
  • Best group on the internet dont @ me

    BigBoiAjaniBigBoiAjaniPřed rokem
  • Sidemen always make my day :)

    Joy Not JoyceJoy Not JoycePřed rokem
  • sidemen are stright up legends

    dangamer HDdangamer HDPřed rokem
  • Man got a shoutout

    Charlie CasperCharlie CasperPřed rokem
  • Why not monetised?

    Agam DeepAgam DeepPřed rokem
  • I wanna meet harry, he's so hot!

    MartialArtsCat101MartialArtsCat101Před rokem
  • why they are not showing harry's face😢😢

    Md Amaan -LifestyleMd Amaan -LifestylePřed rokem
  • I'm your fan I know evey body in sidemen

    aaron Buttaaron ButtPřed 2 lety
  • Watching these videos always makes me want to be a massive CH-visionsr ;)

    AidosAidosPřed 2 lety
  • Manchester bombing

    FaZe FanFaZe FanPřed 2 lety
  • Rip To those who died in Manchester and best of wishes to the families of the victims

    HL 01HL 01Před 2 lety
  • 1:07 W2s has got a girlfriend

    Footbalr FinnFootbalr FinnPřed 2 lety
  • 2:31

    Frank 10Frank 10Před 2 lety
  • What song is this

    Unknown EditsUnknown EditsPřed 2 lety
    • Dillon Anderson Faded - Alan Walker (Instrumental)

      CameronCameronPřed 2 lety
  • Glad to know Josh went outside at least once this year.

    musiclovermusicloverPřed 2 lety
  • They go in there with iPhone 6 and 7's, expensive Sidemen merchandize, stuffs that costs more expensive than my phone could ever get. While I sit here watch them meet their ultimate idol, with a local phone, and a cheap tshirt. While they spend a hell lot of money, I'm here with a wrist band of SDMN... I'm so happy for the fans that made it in there. I'm not trying to get fame or anything, I just want to share to ya'll are so lucky to have money buy SDMN stuffs and meet them. Have a nice day💓

    AJ GamingAJ GamingPřed 2 lety
  • That was awesome

    Young AzaanYoung AzaanPřed 2 lety
  • I'm here for antihan

    Shania GamesShania GamesPřed 2 lety
  • 🤥

    Freddie WilliamFreddie WilliamPřed 2 lety

    Captain DextroCaptain DextroPřed 2 lety
  • Millionth viewer!!

    Daniel RohnDaniel RohnPřed 2 lety
  • duck diks

    Lutfi Van Der SchyyLutfi Van Der SchyyPřed 2 lety
  • Where is hannahhhhhh

    Chloe TChloe TPřed 2 lety
  • Plz sub to my channel

    JustChicken -JustChicken -Před 2 lety
  • song name is faded

    Shaheen TabassumShaheen TabassumPřed 2 lety
  • One day that will be me with the sidemen for now i keep on dreaming 😔

    Joe CarrollJoe CarrollPřed 2 lety
  • When are the sideman going to USA 🇺🇸

  • I would love it if every sidemen came to my house

    ATD AvfcATD AvfcPřed 2 lety
  • its so nice to see how calm the fans were, makes it all more enjoyable, just wish it was the same for other youtubers

    nafeesah 17nafeesah 17Před 2 lety
  • Just a big virgin meet up Init

    Max JamesMax JamesPřed 2 lety
  • Urvinius they are British have you heard they're accents

    Mr CornyMr CornyPřed 2 lety
  • I go to the etihad this day but i can enter to de confference

    FiumXFrancoFiumXFrancoPřed 2 lety
  • tobi is savage wearing utd shirt at the eitihad

    Yaman MoslehYaman MoslehPřed 2 lety
  • What is this song called

    Monkey CruzMonkey CruzPřed 2 lety
  • Blessed to be there and shake hands with them genuine nice guys tbh :)

  • I live right near there

    Xxx XXxx XPřed 2 lety
  • i would love to just sit down and have a cup of tea while talking to vikk

    TacticalBaconTacticalBaconPřed 2 lety
  • KSI and W2S are my top 2 favourite SDMN, Sidemen or XIX. Harry is funny and enerjetic. JJ is just funny. These are the Sidemen: Harry, JJ, Tobi, Simon, Ethan, Josh and Vic.

    airguy 26airguy 26Před 2 lety
  • Manchester city is my faourite team

    Omar MorsyOmar MorsyPřed 2 lety
  • What's the song called??

    Dominic LoveridgeDominic LoveridgePřed 2 lety

    Dan's GamerDan's GamerPřed 2 lety
  • Man u all the way

    Sam GamesSam GamesPřed 2 lety
  • The feels...

    aetiusaetiusPřed 2 lety
  • good stadium

    Max HastingsMax HastingsPřed 2 lety
  • Please substitute to my channel it is cmspadyen

    Caden Tube rawCaden Tube rawPřed 2 lety
  • 😍😍😍💓💖💓❤ i wish i was there 😮

    Michael JoMichael JoPřed 2 lety
  • Could anyone see AntiHan??? I couldn't find her in this

    Xara MancerXara MancerPřed 2 lety
  • 2:20 nice signature harry...

    Joe KruseJoe KrusePřed 2 lety
  • Aha tobis United top tho😂

    Ayrew 12Ayrew 12Před 2 lety
  • why tobi why im an man city fan i am a citizien

    Sebastião SalgadoSebastião SalgadoPřed 2 lety
  • please do another Manchester meetup because I missed this and my friend is a big I mean huge fan and I was hoping to give her tickets plus could you please give her a shoutout it's kaitlin davia

    Olivia MellorOlivia MellorPřed 2 lety
  • what is the name of the song

    MLG Gamer RobertMLG Gamer RobertPřed 2 lety
  • Cool sidemen number 1

    Jamie O’HareJamie O’HarePřed 2 lety
  • Whenever I watch these kind of videos I get really sad because I know I'll never meet them. Why the fuck was I born in Serbia?

    Kristina SaboKristina SaboPřed 2 lety
  • Nbvb

    Fallupcreeper 647Fallupcreeper 647Před 2 lety
  • Vbn

    Fallupcreeper 647Fallupcreeper 647Před 2 lety
  • I'm a massive fan of all of you (The Sidemen) however I live in Australia if just one of you would come to Australia so I can meet you it would mean the world to me

    Benny StarBenny StarPřed 2 lety
  • oh wowwwwww manchester city CITY are the worst man united for life

    GFT BallersGFT BallersPřed 2 lety
  • what is that song??? please someonec tell me

    taylor thackraytaylor thackrayPřed 2 lety