My Morning Skincare Routine

Hello Hunnay, it’s time to show our skin sum LOVE! And look, It’s for sure mad steps and you def don’t have to do this daily to keep your face looking fun and fresh. But trust me… you’ll want to, and ur glowing skin will thank u! 😉#MorningSkincare
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  • how long does your skincare routine in the morning last?

    CRISTINA vCRISTINA vPřed 13 hodinami
  • U siriously do this EVERYDAY?!? i just shower and put facial creme AND go about my day LOL And yessss a facial care line and clothing line. All your clothing would be like a 2WAY OR 3WAY USE😍😎😉

    faithlilisfaithlilisPřed 16 hodinami
  • What do you mean might die?

    AlbertBlackoutAlbertBlackoutPřed 17 hodinami
  • Any advice for women who have like that dark line around the back of their neck? Will that scrub do the same thing to clear that?

    Bahia BrownBahia BrownPřed 18 hodinami
  • Some Indian products have turmeric. You might wanna try those

    Karishma tandelKarishma tandelPřed dnem
  • Love you and your mom❤️

    Alison MathewAlison MathewPřed dnem
  • Omg! Your skin is amazing! Thank you!! But can you please do your body wash/care routine too?!?!?! I can’t stop looking at your chest area and HOW STINKIN SMOOTH IT IS TOO

  • Can you share your sugar scrub and mud mask you use?

    Anna HAnna HPřed dnem
  • 581 spit out the turmeric xD

    Rita CRita CPřed dnem
  • Really bihhh....your mom hasn’t done any procedure done to her face? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Stop lying girl...! We all know the standard uniform face of plastic surgery and face fillers! If you wanna last onhere, You better STOPP LYING AND BE HONEST TO YOUR FOLLOWERS!!! !!!

    CaribbeanCutieCaribbeanCutiePřed dnem
  • When she said I rolled the f**k out of my face 😆 😂 hahaha

    AprilRose EmAprilRose EmPřed dnem
  • I love it... I want to see a video from your mom, showing us their secrets PLEASE!!! 😍

    Karina CstorenaKarina CstorenaPřed dnem
  • Sunday Riley has a vitamin c + turmeric oil I love it

    AlbertBlackoutAlbertBlackoutPřed dnem
  • i want to see all her tats

    Rebecca FloresRebecca FloresPřed dnem
  • I’ve also seen a similar necklace on gabi demartino and I need to know where to get one, anyone know?

    aoifeaoifePřed 2 dny
  • Thanks for creating a CH-visions channel!! Please do a hair tutorial , the waves from the real that you rock is beautiful!

    lena hoanglena hoangPřed 2 dny
  • Their ain’t no fuckin way she’s 40

    julianne conlonjulianne conlonPřed 2 dny
  • but not relatable bc asian and black dont crack (just facts) (complement btw)

    mariana saadmariana saadPřed 2 dny
  • Please share your #NightSkinCare

    Cristina AcuñaCristina AcuñaPřed 2 dny
  • i thought you were 25 max

    aliciam.alupoaliciam.alupoPřed 2 dny
  • If Jeannie is 40 then how old is Mama Mai? Asian don't raisin...

    Binta BBinta BPřed 3 dny
  • Let’s be honest we can all do this routine, but we will never have your amazing skin, because that is all your impeccable genes. :)

    Brittney B. WilliamsBrittney B. WilliamsPřed 3 dny
  • can we get mama mai skincare too

    Like IdkLike IdkPřed 3 dny
  • Andalou Naturals make a Turmeric serum which is super affordable and effective :)

    Shubhra ShwetaShubhra ShwetaPřed 3 dny
  • God!! I want my skin to look that gorg when I am 40!!🥰🥰

    Apurva ShApurva ShPřed 4 dny
  • I cannot wait for your skin care line!!!

    Anita FAnita FPřed 5 dny
  • Wait she’s 40 YEARS OLD! Omg

    Ishan AliIshan AliPřed 5 dny
  • Not sure if it's been mentioned but if you want a good skin care product that has tumeric in it Clarins double serum has tumeric 😊

    Sarah LawsonSarah LawsonPřed 5 dny
  • So you’re telling me you’re not in your 20s? I could’ve sworn you were 28

    That GirlThat GirlPřed 5 dny
  • Sunday Riley has a Turmeric and Vitamin C serum. It's pretty great.

    Karely CejaKarely CejaPřed 5 dny
  • you and your mom are so pretty 😭😭

    Jewel NelsonJewel NelsonPřed 5 dny
  • Your mom should have her own show on E!

    Catherine CabralCatherine CabralPřed 5 dny
  • Omg please do your nighttime routine!

    AlbertBlackoutAlbertBlackoutPřed 5 dny
  • Can we get a nighttime routine

    CinCinPřed 5 dny
  • Beautiful

    TashimaCTashimaCPřed 5 dny
  • I put black or green tea bags used or new in ice cold water and put them on my eye bags. It takes away the puffiness.

    Carla FisCarla FisPřed 5 dny
  • I would definitely buy Jeannie's skin care line, if I look like her or Mama Mai when I get their age lol

    T WT WPřed 5 dny
  • Jeannie has amazing skin. No need for makeups!!

    JJPřed 5 dny
  • too much 😭🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't have time

  • You both have beautiful skins!!

    Jeanette UgapoJeanette UgapoPřed 5 dny
  • I love your videos and your mom is so funny and awesome!! Lol!!😊

    Jeanette UgapoJeanette UgapoPřed 5 dny
  • Pls put products on your neck too, it helps a lot for me

    Rebecca MurumaaRebecca MurumaaPřed 6 dny
  • Hi Jeannie, you can try Kora Organics Tumeric Mask! Its awesome too.

    Stepfanie ChenStepfanie ChenPřed 6 dny
  • I started using the turmeric mask a week ago...OH-Mai-Gawd #SeeWhatIDidThere😏

    Just_being_meJust_being_mePřed 6 dny
  • My skin care regiment is Ponds to cleanse and moisturize with Cocoa Butter before bed. I am going to do the coffee & honey scrub. I enjoyed your demonstration thanks!

    Faith ForeverFaith ForeverPřed 6 dny
  • U do this every morning 😂

    Gabriella LeeGabriella LeePřed 6 dny
  • They need a heart button on here. I love you and your Mom is a gem.

    Donielle HastyDonielle HastyPřed 6 dny
  • This channel always makes my day better and motivates me

    VanillaCokeFriendsVanillaCokeFriendsPřed 6 dny
  • "Nobody likes bags unless they are designer" 😂

    Shruthi SShruthi SPřed 6 dny
  • OMG I am literally OBSESSED wit YALL💖💖💖 Ur mum is so funny 😂 Could u & Mama Mai do more natural skin care and health tips, I swear Asians have the best glowing skin and the best skin care routines. #sojelly😭😘❤

    *Jaded.By.You* Jade N*Jaded.By.You* Jade NPřed 6 dny
  • U know what u look 28 and your mom look 45:”)

    Rifka SafiraRifka SafiraPřed 7 dny
  • If I talked like that to my mum, she'd kill me

    Catje OlifantenpootjesCatje OlifantenpootjesPřed 7 dny
  • You and mama mai need your own reality tv show😂😂😂

    Alsone CaseyAlsone CaseyPřed 7 dny
  • I would die for ur skincare line please do it

    Calvin MilesCalvin MilesPřed 7 dny
  • Hmm... where should I buy tumeric? Mama Mai, “ You can buy at Ross, Ross they have a tumeric”.

    P FelicianoP FelicianoPřed 7 dny
  • “Except not bad sex. We’re 40 and we know how to avoid that by now.” L O L

    Mycah RayMycah RayPřed 7 dny
  • What type or name of moisturizer does mama Mai use?

    prettymercyhprettymercyhPřed 7 dny
  • Should you use the tumric mask every day?

    Ian JørgensenIan JørgensenPřed 7 dny

    Kristina PrumKristina PrumPřed 7 dny
  • What does she mean by lemon drop? Like a drop of lemon juice?

    Esther MarieEsther MariePřed 7 dny
  • Read the mama Mai Instagram for an entire hour ? 😂😂

    Sethu MbangeniSethu MbangeniPřed 8 dny
  • “ Tell your skin I love you Hunnay “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sethu MbangeniSethu MbangeniPřed 8 dny
  • Ooh cant wait affordable skin care from Jeannie Mai! Yes Please:)

    MahdiMahdiPřed 8 dny
  • How come your mom looks 40 and u look 25

    rachel birorachel biroPřed 8 dny
  • I love her skin care routine so ima try it cause I only use a hydrating boost and Vaseline 🥶

    Amber&JoseAmber&JosePřed 8 dny
  • please hurry up with your skin care line

  • 40?? wow! I love your voice tone.

    alexxx doigalexxx doigPřed 8 dny
  • She's 40? I would have guessed like 34, 35. Good for her!

    All The ArtsyAll The ArtsyPřed 9 dny
  • Holy fuck I love you!!! Haha. Why did I just find u ? Haha

    Ebbie VersaceEbbie VersacePřed 9 dny
  • Caribbean, African and Indian natural products use tumeric a lot these days!

    Dee-Andra WebleyDee-Andra WebleyPřed 9 dny
  • Too many steps for me my skin would go crazy

    Dawson McSpaddenDawson McSpaddenPřed 9 dny
  • My skin would Freak if I did that many steps

    Dawson McSpaddenDawson McSpaddenPřed 9 dny
  • I asked mama Mai her skin care on Instagram and she actually messaged me back and told me! Jeanie and Mama Mai our skin goal's!

    Brandi BigelowBrandi BigelowPřed 9 dny
    • Awwww i love them so much❤

      Dee-Andra WebleyDee-Andra WebleyPřed 9 dny
  • She's so cute and fun lol subscribed!

    classyassbytchclassyassbytchPřed 10 dny
  • Kiehl’s Tumeric and Cranberry Mask!

    Katherine TaoKatherine TaoPřed 10 dny
  • she looks 22 what sorcery is this

    Catie GackowskiCatie GackowskiPřed 10 dny
  • Mama Mai is great. ❤️

    Lola FulanaLola FulanaPřed 10 dny
  • 😅😂💕❤️❤️

    Adriana GarciaAdriana GarciaPřed 10 dny
  • Your mom is so funny and cute I love her put her in more of your videos

    Shaila MehraShaila MehraPřed 10 dny
  • All I see here is great genetics. All those skincare makes me smh. Also she literally brought up “sunscreen, wear and tear” and the next moment, she apply a serum on top of it to disrupt the sunscreen film. Lavender scent is irritation. Peppermint ? Even worse irritation.

    Baddest DonutBaddest DonutPřed 11 dny
  • u and ur mama's skin is so beautiful!! and ur v funny 😂

    izzy wizzyizzy wizzyPřed 11 dny
  • I always do masks in the shower. So when I wash it off, I don’t have that elbow water dripping down and like wetting the entire sink. Try it fam

    Violacea LViolacea LPřed 11 dny
  • What the heck she is 40? I forreal thought she’s in her early 20s

    Ady CarmaAdy CarmaPřed 11 dny
  • The Korean spa is the best!

    Ariel SkellyAriel SkellyPřed 11 dny
  • I was guessing you were like 30 but your 40! What! I can’t believe it!

    AngelineAngelinePřed 11 dny
  • I think you should stray away from any scents or fragrances, even natural ones like lavender since they are possible irritants and can cause contact dermatitis. They also cause vaso dilation of blood vessels. Also try to avoid lemon on skin since it is very irritating. Overall though I love your skin and your routine :))

    palpalPřed 11 dny
  • “Why are you wearing that outfit?!” -because i look beautiful. Same , mama.

    BlushemBlushemPřed 11 dny
  • You look good,I so love Korean skin products

    Sangria FidelSangria FidelPřed 11 dny
  • I am not drinking turmeric but I shall try the mask

    Madam Ri'KayMadam Ri'KayPřed 12 dny
  • Just a question Jeannie, but when you say Lipids do you really mean Lymph?

    Cassie GCassie GPřed 12 dny
  • How often we should use turmeric face mask.. the one your mama showed..??

    sangeetha mpsangeetha mpPřed 13 dny
  • wait your 40 your kidding

    realisticrealisticPřed 13 dny
  • Can u do a night time routine

    Jay AlesJay AlesPřed 13 dny
  • 40? 40? *says like Soulja boy*

    Fatherrrandy GainesFatherrrandy GainesPřed 14 dny
  • Can we just talk about Mama Mai's temple/face tattoos!? I always see them hiding and I want to know the story behind them, they look so pretty and stylish!!

    Suzi HelfingSuzi HelfingPřed 14 dny
  • Wtf 40 omg I’m 27 and I look older then you 😫😫

    Nohemi ZapataNohemi ZapataPřed 14 dny
  • BITCH IS 40?! brb gonna go smear my face with moisturizer and drink ten liters of water

    Incognito DuchessIncognito DuchessPřed 15 dny
  • You are soooo hot! I wish i would look like you at your age... now we need a night routine hunnay 😚

    Sana EnnajmiSana EnnajmiPřed 15 dny
  • Check out Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask by Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr. It’s AMAZING! 💆🏻‍♀️

    JulieAnn RicasaJulieAnn RicasaPřed 16 dny
  • I’ve been doing the turmeric mask and it’s great 💖💖💖💖💖

    Desiree LucianoDesiree LucianoPřed 17 dny
    • Does the colour and smell linger after washing it off?

      Alex MeiAlex MeiPřed 17 dny
My Morning Skincare Routine