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  • I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

    shaneshanePřed 4 měsíci
    • When are you making more videos

      Sagrario TiradoSagrario TiradoPřed měsícem
    • Ok sis

      Momo DaBossMomo DaBossPřed měsícem
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      1.billybandz1.billybandzPřed 2 měsíci
    • shane ilysm ty

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    • Cat fucker

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  • um.. unsubscribing no upload since 4 months? this is my 100th time checking if there was a new upload. SO DISAPPOINTED!

    عروسہ خانعروسہ خانPřed 49 vteřinami
  • i love you so much and i can’t wait for another video! i watch your videos everyday❤️❤️❤️

    mackenzie lovesmilliemackenzie lovesmilliePřed 3 minutami
  • *What if the reason Shane doesn’t upload anymore is because Milos got him after he exposed his face....*

    SnapperHDSnapperHDPřed 9 minutami
  • SHANE DAWSON WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FREAKING UPLOAD AGAIN :( I MISS YOU I MISS ALL YOU VIDEOS, the conspiracy theories, the food challenges and such ..everything!!!!!🥺

    Kandy CatKandy CatPřed 14 minutami
  • The best conspiracy is from 00:00-1:34:30 ;)

    Laney_ LoveLaney_ LovePřed 19 minutami
  • I don’t understand why he hasn’t posted in 4 months.

    Marianna MoniqueMarianna MoniquePřed 33 minutami
  • Where did you go you disappeared😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Alyssa 1290Alyssa 1290Před hodinou
  • Shane, you ever gonna post again man? Miss your content

    LukeTalksLukeTalksPřed hodinou
  • This video is legit more creepy than most Hollywood movies

    Niranjan PrakashNiranjan PrakashPřed hodinou
  • Ok peeps it's official. *Shane Dawson had been taken away by the government* cause he knew too much and it's crazy cause I saw about it 100 comments that talks about it and *they are all fucking GONE* I guess theses conspiracy theories were true~

    J. J.JJ. J.JPřed hodinou
    • J. J.J he still posts on Instagram, and he is seen on his boyfriends channel, but IT MIGHT BE THE Illuminati

      The LadyNoirThe LadyNoirPřed hodinou
  • *SHANEEE!! Start posting more.*

    Space CharmsSpace CharmsPřed hodinou
  • I’ve been up all night because I went to a chuckee cheese and saw kids gamboling

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  • who else came from FaZe Rugs vid.......or am i the only one

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  • 44:43

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  • when will we make another episode

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  • Is Shane dead?

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  • So he took her passport for nothing

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  • i thought i heard Kahoot music in the background at 51:21 is it only me tho

    Flyingturtle952 4Flyingturtle952 4Před 2 hodinami
  • I swear The most heartbreaking moment is when Shane and the girl were both on the verge of tears

    Taylor WilsonTaylor WilsonPřed 3 hodinami
  • Hi Shane! I was on Facebook and this book popped up named “Brenda’s beaver needs a barber” it looked like it was a children’s book, same style and everything. I was trying to google it more to see who it was geared for. After further searching I came across a couple other books from the same author. A couple of the books promote pedophilia and molestation.I watched a couple CH-visions videos of people reading these books and just laughing. I have no idea how this could be okay. The reason I’m sending this to you is because some body needs to be bringing attention to this and I was hoping you would look into further. I know you would be so grossed out by these. I know you probably get a million dms a day hopefully you can read this and give me your thoughts. Me and my family are such big fans of you. I remember when you first started CH-visions! So proud of how far you have come. Thanks for reading! -Sunta

    Sunta NolanSunta NolanPřed 3 hodinami
    • Hmmmm... that dose seem interesting! You might want to try to contact him on Instagram! About it to raise awareness!

      The LadyNoirThe LadyNoirPřed hodinou
    • Mal that doesn’t mean you have a right to be a bully 😔

      The LadyNoirThe LadyNoirPřed hodinou
    • Sunta Nolan he’s never gonna read this retard

      MalMalPřed 2 hodinami
  • Okay so i just watched an older one of your conspiracy videos about cloning and i was thinking about this today.. what if there is only a few different faces that the universe has made and everything was just rearranged on each face and thats why we have people that look just like eachother because the simulation glitched and didnt change their faces enough... just a thought if that makes sense 🧐

    brittany smithbrittany smithPřed 3 hodinami
  • Awwww I really miss the videos with just you and the boys I loved those videos and not to be mean but I really don’t like these new videos. PLEASE POST MORE VIDEOS WITH THE BOYS!! 🥺

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  • New video wood b nice

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    • Did you say *_CATS?_*

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  • Lmao shane trying to be creepy introducing the sponsor.

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  • It’s been 4 months ;-;

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  • Can we just talk about how Shane hasn’t uploaded a conspiracy theory video in a minute 😭 WHATS HAPPENING

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  • When I saw Milos face from 1:32:04 to 1:32:24

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  • Why the f&ck is that milos guy not deported back to serbia, if he's human trafficker? that is really crazy, 8 billion euro, if it seems unreal, it probably is... I love shane at the end... exposing his ass lol anyway wtf I watched this june 2019 its been 4 months where is part 3?? Awesome videos, i love it!!!

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  • I've been rewatching this over and over bc I miss your vids 😭💛

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  • Ricardo Milos?

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  • She kinda looks like Tati

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  • This would of been better if there was ONE topic. I get that the theme is DECEIT. But all these cuts b/t Chucky Cheese, the program that alters your voice, the Britany girl is too CONFUSING. The Chucky Cheese in this COUNTRY does not allow adults in there without Children.

    June HenryJune HenryPřed 7 hodinami
  • This is so well edited. I just have no words...

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  • When I saw this I immediately thought * time to get the popcorn *

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  • BITCHH the ending had me shoookk!!!!!

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  • Shane why havent you post

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  • Shane obviously got kidnapped by the government. We knew it was going to happen eventually.

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  • Shane I found a Theory !

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  • Shane Dawson made it very clear to us that if he ever went missing we know where he went OMG the governor took him

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  • Hey, Shane! Soooo ... I know that you’ve been pretty busy these days, but I really want you to look into this. Can you research about the Notre Dame fire? And Churches in France?

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  • still gives us chills. Great video

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  • Hey Shane are you okay

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