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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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  • Wdym! The curly hair dude is pretty attractive!?

    Oh Yeah yeahOh Yeah yeahPřed 10 hodinami
  • The dark guy is a sweety omg

    Mia MarquezMia MarquezPřed 10 hodinami
  • Why y'all put that blue blazer bitch on here 🤦‍♀️ plain rude. She looked bland as hell anyway.

    Viviana GViviana GPřed 10 hodinami
  • Lady in blue got some bully behavior .. huh !

    Rawan ADRawan ADPřed 10 hodinami
  • I give them all a 10.. no joke. They’re all so good looking

    Samira GrandeSamira GrandePřed 10 hodinami
  • That girl in the red lipstick sounds like she’s insecure and want to be white.

    Sharvitti BroussardSharvitti BroussardPřed 10 hodinami
  • Girl in blue is a big bitch.

    PuffMaster 1517PuffMaster 1517Před 10 hodinami
  • Kermit voice: "According to mY standard, youre a seven"

    Mari Wong-KureMari Wong-KurePřed 10 hodinami
  • How attractive am i? no

    Patato EverythingPatato EverythingPřed 10 hodinami
  • I'm reporting this video for the blue blazer bully girl

    M.I.K.E ™️M.I.K.E ™️Před 10 hodinami
  • I fucking hate the blue blazer girl. She's so disgustingly rude. Literally disgusting I can't even explain how angry she makes me feel

    nicoleteenicoleteePřed 10 hodinami
  • "Man you getting like a 1 from me but dawg" "Sounds good" This is why I love being a man 🤣🤣🙏🏽

    M.I.K.E ™️M.I.K.E ™️Před 11 hodinami
  • Okay everyone lets rate that girl in the blue Ill start, she looks like dead meat

    UppishChaffUppishChaffPřed 11 hodinami
  • No offense but that girl that liked white men practically seemed like she wanted to be white too with that mismatched foundation that made her look lighter

    Jessica LopezJessica LopezPřed 11 hodinami
  • they should've had the ten people rate the rater

    That BoyThat BoyPřed 11 hodinami
  • Blue blazer girl gets bonus points from me for being honest. Everyone else in this video sacrificed honesty and integrity in exchange for trying to not seem rude or for a sense of "fitting in". I figured thats what the video was going for considering they didnt allow a very straight male to rate anyone (even they fall victim to the desire to fit in). I thought the point of these videos was to show some honesty or some real thought but all I see is a "feel good" video about people being nice to each other and hiding what they really think. It disgusts me to see so many people openly put down the girl with the blue blazer for being honest but reward others for dishonesty or pity disguised as good will/intent.

    ZombihilanthZombihilanthPřed 11 hodinami
  • 0:39 her makeup is brighter than my future

    ansh aroraansh aroraPřed 11 hodinami
  • Blue Blazer girl ain’t even cute. 🙄👎 ugly personalities make ugly people

    BreannaBreannaPřed 11 hodinami
  • 8:03 she laughed at cuhk dicc I'm cryin

    Damon BanksDamon BanksPřed 11 hodinami
  • The women with short hair blue vest denim vest and black skinny jeans looks like a lesbian that goes to gay bars just to pick fights.

    Leo WessonLeo WessonPřed 11 hodinami
  • The stud was gorgeous. Her teeth, smile, skin, and facial structure was flawless! Also the guy wearing all white is fine asf.

    BarbieBarbiePřed 12 hodinami
  • to me pointing out stuff you can’t change is just rude. like “ur face is long” fuck off dude.

    ZsahariZsahariPřed 12 hodinami
  • I woulda just rate em all 10/10

    Blannie HuangBlannie HuangPřed 12 hodinami

    jeijo jeijojeijo jeijoPřed 12 hodinami
  • so is no one gonna point out how the basic hoes are rude asfffffff

    ZsahariZsahariPřed 12 hodinami
  • Sorry like everyone is a 10 in their own way.

    Elena CambordaElena CambordaPřed 12 hodinami
  • Anyone else think the first girl was cute? 😘

    Rose PuppyRose PuppyPřed 12 hodinami
  • “Bro how do you get your waist that small!?” *pulls hair out of the way* “ can I? (Touches boob)” “Ohh yeah you can just... (moves hands around boobs in weird way) XD

    Rose PuppyRose PuppyPřed 12 hodinami
  • The girl with the blue blazer was rude asf. She wasn't just being honest she was also being rude. She's a solid four. She talking disrespectful like she a 10 or sum and yet she didn't rank herself 1st.

    BarbieBarbiePřed 12 hodinami
  • 5:55 His arms look weird and his hands. No way he is a 10

    Crappy_PoniesCrappy_PoniesPřed 12 hodinami
  • I hate this. I hate putting a number to a person.

    NinjaOfTheKeyboard1NinjaOfTheKeyboard1Před 12 hodinami
  • Had to stop watching. That woman is horrible. Her attitude makes her a zero.

    D. DreherD. DreherPřed 12 hodinami
  • Just a six??.? Why a 6? 😂 😂 😂

    SEVEN MODSEVEN MODPřed 12 hodinami
  • S/o to the girl in the blazer for being the only honest one frrr

    PaigePaigePřed 12 hodinami
  • If I was in this room I would go home and cry 😂

    ellieelliePřed 12 hodinami
  • blue blazer is fugly

    Lucas LopezLucas LopezPřed 12 hodinami
  • I love the hall of the mountain King - Grieg ❤️❤️❤️love the background music

    Jelly BeansJelly BeansPřed 13 hodinami
  • Carter a solid 4

    PrettyBoiBozoPrettyBoiBozoPřed 13 hodinami
  • shit man that guy with the fuckin mj shirt be fineeeeeeee

    Jessica BakerJessica BakerPřed 13 hodinami
  • Can y’all do us a favor & never let the lady in blue be in one of ur videos again

    JUGG JUANJUGG JUANPřed 13 hodinami
  • I would say the girl in the blue blazer is only hypercritical of others because she's probably really insecure and hypercritical of herself, and all of the scrutiny she imposes upon herself, she's likely just projecting onto other people. Just my two cents.

    Céline Verrier-FletcherCéline Verrier-FletcherPřed 13 hodinami
  • is no one gonna talk about how beautiful the girl in the gray is? damn

    Michael BellMichael BellPřed 13 hodinami
  • This is fucked

    Melon XMelon XPřed 13 hodinami
  • ok all of the comments are shaming the girl in the blue blazer and i agree, but are we gonna ignore how HOT the guy is in the black and brown jacket like holy shit

    Lindsey BerryLindsey BerryPřed 13 hodinami
  • Mans hit the bird man hand rub after he said “not if you turn around” 😂😂😂

    Sweet JonesSweet JonesPřed 13 hodinami
  • The girl in the blue jacket and white shirt!!! Defiantly gorgeous!! She's the best out of all of them.. The girl that's in the pants suite is way to judgy and she defiantly be too picky. She gave low was ratings to the cutest ones.

    sumthin girlysumthin girlyPřed 13 hodinami
  • Hate the blue outfit lady, she looks like a bird with her witch ass nose and her hair that looks like it'll fall out in 5 years. And that attitude and insensitivity are the worst of all. Thank you, next.

    Will RodriguezWill RodriguezPřed 13 hodinami
  • The first girl was super pretty, but she was so white all I seen was the black dress. The guy that was doing the judging is seriously so nice, and he just loves everyone for who they are..

    sumthin girlysumthin girlyPřed 13 hodinami
  • That first girl was gorgeous😍

    Maddie FaithMaddie FaithPřed 13 hodinami
  • "on a lesbian scale he wudnt turn me." lmfao. on another note, the black dude in white gets a SHIT TON of pussy, u can tell by his charisma, tact and his masterful way of blushing. and even when he lines them up, he still makes them feel special. well done brotha

    oopalongaoopalongaPřed 13 hodinami
  • The boy at 4:4o and his reaction was so funny

    Maria TuConsentidaMaria TuConsentidaPřed 13 hodinami
  • My ratings: 1. Everyone else 2. Girl in blue outfit

    JL LunaJL LunaPřed 13 hodinami
  • The lady in the blue taking crack look how she be acting bruh

    ICΞD De GÀMΞRICΞD De GÀMΞRPřed 13 hodinami

    Jelly_ CaféJelly_ CaféPřed 13 hodinami
  • Bald? A six? Jesus Christ. Give him an 8

    Aimée DillonAimée DillonPřed 13 hodinami
  • 0:20 that snort made me laugh

    Kimberly NegreteKimberly NegretePřed 13 hodinami
  • Lmaoo the man is so fckin funny

    lmaooo ;-;lmaooo ;-;Před 13 hodinami
  • The white lady in the blazer 💀💀💀 she’s too much “your bald 😬” “your face is weird”

    Whitneyxashlee ‘Whitneyxashlee ‘Před 13 hodinami
  • 5:45 he’s hella cute/hot at the same time?? wTh-

    PeachyLizziePeachyLizziePřed 13 hodinami
  • So the blue jacket lady (Extra character), the red lipstick lady (annoying/drama queen) and of course the star of this video was the foot fetish guy. #KeepHimOnEveryVideoLikeThis

    LaBrittany Amu ThomasLaBrittany Amu ThomasPřed 13 hodinami
  • I can barely see the first girl

    IcczzIcczzPřed 13 hodinami
  • Okay but the stud deserves to be at the top Periodt

    Sophia GarciaSophia GarciaPřed 13 hodinami
  • Anyone gonna talk about how Blue Blazer ranked all the black people at the bottom...

    Olivia V.Olivia V.Před 13 hodinami
  • The girl in the black dress is super fine just like Madison. Those two should be in a truth or drink vid! Better yet, naked beer pong! Hell yeah!

    Hotrod HogHotrod HogPřed 13 hodinami
  • When the guy ranked himself first he did it in such a humble kind of way then the blue blazer girl ranking herself third like “yea I belong right up here” that just made go wtf if anything without all the attitude I would probably rank her fifth

    Ana BunescuAna BunescuPřed 13 hodinami
  • "scratch the 6 and put a 7 cause your attitude" love it

    AggieboyAggieboyPřed 13 hodinami
  • That’s crazy the guy with all that hair got the lowest ranking but he’s a hottie. Love his cute funky hair.

    Izzy’s WorldIzzy’s WorldPřed 13 hodinami
  • If I was on here I’d be giving everyone from a 7 to a 10 lmao I don’t have the heart to go lower

    sejalsejalPřed 13 hodinami
  • “Not unless you turn around” 🤣🤣🤣

    Michele BenitezMichele BenitezPřed 13 hodinami
  • You guys should do match voice to personal

    Amanda VinsonAmanda VinsonPřed 13 hodinami
  • 7:08 *Kermit has entered the chat*

    Thomas StitesThomas StitesPřed 14 hodinami
  • 7:08 +1 rating point for being able to do a Kermit the Frog impersonation.

    Michael RayMichael RayPřed 14 hodinami
  • This is such an unhealthy video.

    Jenn LeeJenn LeePřed 14 hodinami
  • At 4:09 Was I the only one struggling to find out her gender?

    Kristof SeleczKristof SeleczPřed 14 hodinami
  • That bitch talking about his hair was rude like sorry I have thick luscious hair and you don’t

    Nadirah SmithNadirah SmithPřed 14 hodinami
  • I'd be placing myself WAAAAAAAAAY far away at the bottomm (not attractive side ) LOL people be like "where you goin?" me : "where I belong :D I'm -9,000 "

    hinata8888hinata8888Před 14 hodinami
  • The girl in the purplish coat is a bitch

    Sierra ArcySierra ArcyPřed 14 hodinami
  • Dung that’s pretty frocked up

    Audie ArtsAudie ArtsPřed 14 hodinami
  • I feel so bad for the guy with the puffy hair

    JaneJanePřed 14 hodinami
  • ok but the dude with big hair was a solid 9 how did they not love him

    IvyEveIvyEvePřed 14 hodinami
  • 0:49 I instantly like him

    JaneJanePřed 14 hodinami
  • The lady with the red lips is hot

    DutcherDutcherPřed 14 hodinami

    alan greenalan greenPřed 14 hodinami
  • Blue blazer girl. Natural selection is coming for you!

    Christina G.Christina G.Před 14 hodinami
  • AND his confidence in the end I fuck with it 😂

    Desiree ManchaDesiree ManchaPřed 14 hodinami
  • My father-in-law is 6'8"

    DutcherDutcherPřed 14 hodinami
  • That one white girl with the high heels and the blue dress tuxedo thing she’s definitely racist asf she even put all the black people at the bottom

    QuickyQuickyPřed 14 hodinami
  • Why did everyone laugh when the nice man said that he likes Carter?

    Zen JayZen JayPřed 14 hodinami
  • girl in the blazer is alright with them shitty ratings 😂

    Desiree ManchaDesiree ManchaPřed 14 hodinami
  • Shout out to the black dude giving the ratings. He was the only one that didn't clearly insult them. Just a genuine nice guy.

    Nick HaddadNick HaddadPřed 14 hodinami
  • The guy was hella sweet 😂😂 I love him

    Desiree ManchaDesiree ManchaPřed 14 hodinami
  • Blue jacket girl is an asshole

    Aubrey ElliottAubrey ElliottPřed 14 hodinami
  • such a bitch.....guess who?

    Paola MGPaola MGPřed 14 hodinami
  • I feel like people are giving Madison (blazer girl) a lot of s**t, which she doesn't deserve. They asked her to rank based off her personal opinion, and she gave honest answers. They asked her why, and she told them why. I appreciate honesty more than flattery, this is supposed to be a line-up that ranks people based on their looks, and obviously people are gonna get a bit touchy feely. I don't agree with her lineup, because I'm attracted to different things. And likewise everyone is entitled to be attracted to different things. It's hypocritical to give her s**t based on this, and criticizing her in the comments, because you're judging by a shallow impression of her. It's a difficult thing for everyone to do, and you should give her credit for speaking her own feelings, instead of spreading flowery bs.

    S BS BPřed 14 hodinami
  • This is mean I'm so many levels

    deshaun dozierdeshaun dozierPřed 14 hodinami
  • Okay but Carter is cute as fuck.

    Dr Phil's ButtholeDr Phil's ButtholePřed 14 hodinami
  • Notice at 9:11 everyone is enjoying the positive energy he is putting out. Bro is a real one

    Paul NguyenPaul NguyenPřed 14 hodinami
  • Omg the girl with ginger hair..SO HATEFUL

    Alice AibangbeeAlice AibangbeePřed 14 hodinami
  • I love how each person rated differently, it shows that everyone sees physical attractiveness differently, everyone is beautiful to someone!

    Grace LamontagneGrace LamontagnePřed 15 hodinami
  • This should be called being a dick lol for real 🎃😁

    gengar_ate_megengar_ate_mePřed 15 hodinami
How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut