Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN

Dr Phil guy thinks he is batman, IS IT REAL?
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  • ***gravelly voice*** I'm Batman

    Ce CeCe CePřed 23 hodinami
  • The amount of people it will talk t series to pass pewds 👇🏿

    Big HoboBig HoboPřed 23 hodinami
  • his dog should have named Ace or The bat hound

    John Peter MayoJohn Peter MayoPřed 23 hodinami
  • fgergm. gb

    SardonyxSardonyxPřed 23 hodinami

    Beanie Stranger012Beanie Stranger012Před 23 hodinami
  • What if.... after engagement he realized she's that overly attached girlfriend and she started showing the "crazy signs" so she would leave him. She has that kind of look. The fact she's still with him and won't marry him no matter what he's into, just shows shes the obsessive type...

    iSw1fTViSw1fTVPřed dnem
  • When he's out on Halloween and he sees a kid in a joker costume

    Mikey LawrenceMikey LawrencePřed dnem
  • *RANCH*

    Mikey LawrenceMikey LawrencePřed dnem
  • He's not selfish, she's being selfish. She should just dress up like Batwoman and get married to him anyway!! Lmfao ~like if you agree.👍

  • just imagine this dude busting down the door to your house after u cyber bullied someone...

    O MY cHiCkEnO MY cHiCkEnPřed dnem
    • or after you cyber bullied him lmfao

      O MY cHiCkEnO MY cHiCkEnPřed dnem
  • His brother, Moose Wane.

    Caleb HCaleb HPřed dnem
  • *IM BAT MAN*

    Forc3_F1shEatTacoForc3_F1shEatTacoPřed dnem
  • Of i were him, I wouldn't be surprised if people started calling me "fungus face".

    Queen Of CatzQueen Of CatzPřed dnem
  • What was that laugh

    SEANY ut finSEANY ut finPřed dnem
  • Название видоса на русском или я ебанулся??

    Денис МельникДенис МельникPřed dnem
  • This is how much subs pewdiepie will lose. 👇

    Meme BustersMeme BustersPřed dnem
  • Did his parents die

    Camden TurnerCamden TurnerPřed dnem
  • *Who you gonna call?* 🦇

    Ezteban David KRJEzteban David KRJPřed dnem
  • I’m dying😂😂😂

    Captain CringeCaptain CringePřed dnem
  • Who else got a Batman Ad on this video😂

    CreeperjaceCreeperjacePřed dnem
  • Could we really expect any different from tobias funke

    SunscreneSunscrenePřed dnem
  • 2:18 doesn’t Batman have abs

    jon Zmudajon ZmudaPřed dnem
  • Poor dog

    YTA Ur trash kidYTA Ur trash kidPřed dnem
  • Y’know, the editing could’ve been better pewds

    Dan diDan diPřed dnem
  • I think what Goose was originally criticizing about the editing was how the source footage is being heavily boxed in. I know that's to prevent CH-visions from auto-claiming the video or whatever. Maybe I'm wrong. It doesn't matter now, anyway.

    Jo RevenJo RevenPřed dnem
  • “He drove 2 hours to fight someone that looked like the joker” was it jeffree star? i’m joking i love sister star, don’t come for me

    Marina BittencourtMarina BittencourtPřed dnem
  • I didn't know someone was this obsessed with batman

    zerpy HDzerpy HDPřed dnem
  • PewDiePie and eminem team up comming soon. Bitch lasagna, mom's spaghetti.👀

    bad lego channelbad lego channelPřed dnem
  • This the type of guy to force you to ride his ass because he tries to stop you from speeding.

    Жак МорозовЖак МорозовPřed dnem
  • I’d like to point out how this fandom has done more for him in one statement than dr.phil did with a whole session. We gave him the confidence to take the mask off with just one short sentence, all dr. Phil did was call him crazy

    Doctour Two skullDoctour Two skullPřed dnem
  • Dr Phil should do meme review

    Joanne KreinbihlJoanne KreinbihlPřed dnem
  • Editing could've been better

    Rade KaraklajicRade KaraklajicPřed dnem
  • Pewds he said persona lol Edit: also tbh if he wants to save people, then let him. Tbh I would love to be a super hero lol. Please don’t judge this beautiful beautiful man, let him be who he wants to be.

    Mr. SkyperMr. SkyperPřed dnem
  • A true Phantom Thief.

    O H N OO H N OPřed dnem
  • This is obvious BS. why are you playing into it? you know it's all made up for the camera.

    Father AxeKeeperFather AxeKeeperPřed dnem
  • plz review MAFS australia

    Libby OffordLibby OffordPřed dnem
  • What a great girl she is.

    SnackSnackPřed dnem
  • How does pewds stretch a 4 minute clip to 18 minutes😭😭😭

    Aubree WilsonAubree WilsonPřed dnem
  • The saddest part is this isn’t going to help the guy, he’s probably going to have that accidental fame like the “cash me outside girl lol”

    160sharp160sharpPřed dnem
  • This is how many more subs PEWDS has than T series 👇🏻

    AJ vlogs541AJ vlogs541Před dnem
  • Send him to the ranch

    Galaxy_Girl333Galaxy_Girl333Před dnem
  • Shee is the JOKER!!!!

    Gabe BarberGabe BarberPřed dnem
  • Fuck it im becoming super man

    iTz_BKO_0 1iTz_BKO_0 1Před dnem
  • I know Batman is cool and all, but really, who would actually WANT to be Batman for real? You'd have no life! You'd have to spend it all traveling to Tibet, the Shaolin Temples, Russia, Africa, all over the world spending virtually your whole life training in all forms of martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, and all that. Forget what you read in the comics. It takes an average of six years to master just one martial art, and there are hundreds! It would take you sixty years to master the ten most basic ones, then you move on the the advanced ones which would take decades to master them all. Forget being a thirty year old muscular tough guy! By the time you're finished (if you're still alive) you'd be some wheelchair bound old man that can barely lift a nunchuk!

    Jarrett SmithJarrett SmithPřed dnem
  • We have a local "Green power ranger" akin to him. He literally goes around in a power ranger stretch suit and is often in the scene of small crimes trying to make someone calm down etc.

    중이슬중이슬Před dnem
  • There was a time when I didn't feel secure wearing jeans without a belt. Even if they did fit perfectly already.

    Jarrett SmithJarrett SmithPřed dnem
  • My name is not Batman my name is not Super man its not Spider man My name is Suleyman.

    Tarik BosnianTarik BosnianPřed dnem
  • His wife is gold a keeper for sure to put up with all this.

    Tarik BosnianTarik BosnianPřed dnem
  • That title is wrong! SUPER OFFENSIVE! He *IS* Batman! REEEEE TRIGGERED!!!

    Keith Thedford IIKeith Thedford IIPřed dnem
  • Ironically his makeup makes him look a little like a Canada Goose.

    TrekkieGirl SuperNerdTrekkieGirl SuperNerdPřed dnem
  • Why does she get to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress, but he cant buy a Batman costume?

    William LillevikWilliam LillevikPřed dnem
  • Big daddy

    dogg pounddogg poundPřed dnem
  • Ah man, I love Cinnamontoast Ken! Keep up the ace content!

    KyleKylePřed dnem
  • Goose Wayne...

    Mr Ya MumMr Ya MumPřed dnem
  • Im Batphil

    the critical ops noobthe critical ops noobPřed dnem
  • the dr phil guy thinks he is BATMAN

    dogg pounddogg poundPřed dnem
  • Lol, plot twist, he goes to the rehab place, and ends up finding a cave and has a batman experience, and eventually becomes legit batman, in legit batcave under legit mansion and his psychiatrists become gay butlers.

    JRD DoubleUJRD DoubleUPřed dnem
  • imagine having sex with someone with a mask on😂😂

    nktherapper _nktherapper _Před dnem
  • The editing could've been better

    Nhan NguyenNhan NguyenPřed dnem
  • “ i’m not going to let him show up looking a fool in front of my friends and family” Goes on national TV to tell everyone.

    Bluntly BlondieBluntly BlondiePřed dnem
  • Man this guy who is apparently “Batman” doesn’t know shit about Batman. At least he doesn’t know who Batman’s lovers name would be. It would be Catwoman, Not Mrs.Batman. Tf

    Lupine EcstasyLupine EcstasyPřed dnem
  • Goosewing? Sounds like a bootleg Darkwing Duck.

    Seraphi GrimaldiSeraphi GrimaldiPřed dnem
  • Pew for the win boi!!!

    Xavier MillerXavier MillerPřed dnem
  • If he said he was a trans Batman he'd get a part in the next Hollywood blockbuster.

    Alpha LobsterAlpha LobsterPřed dnem
  • brad 2 isnt happy rn

    Luca StaianoLuca StaianoPřed dnem
  • 2:13

    Jordan WatsonJordan WatsonPřed dnem
  • U guys should watch drop the mic with dr.phil vs James corden

    Briana PBriana PPřed dnem
  • How is she with him? Because it is scripted like all other Dr. Phil cases

    blaise russoblaise russoPřed dnem
  • I wonder if he saw someone getting robbed on the street he’d actually do something.

    TheoddballguyTheoddballguyPřed dnem
  • Shorter videos dammit

    blaise russoblaise russoPřed dnem
  • JuegaGerman

    yair xdyair xdPřed dnem
  • Why does this remind me of Mass Effect 2. No, seriously. Those Krogan poems are not to be trifled with.

    MW2366MW2366Před dnem
  • *lolll I got a Batman ad*

    Awareness VlogsAwareness VlogsPřed dnem
  • This is trans-identity phobic. They need to treat Goose Wayne like the super hero he clearly is and stop oppressing him with their hetero-identitive ideology. It's just harmful. LGBTQI.

    Darien SampsonDarien SampsonPřed dnem
  • The editing could be done better

    that one strange guythat one strange guyPřed dnem
  • What is name of this disease?

    FutZz 2018FutZz 2018Před dnem
  • Coincidentally the ad before this video is about Batman

    Isabella MontezIsabella MontezPřed dnem
  • You've Been BatDadded! #SouthPark

    Samir H.Samir H.Před dnem
  • whats with the border?

    AnteKami - samaAnteKami - samaPřed dnem
  • 01:37 He said "persona", the original word, not the furry portmanteau.

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiagoPřed dnem
  • The root of the problem is probably ptsd from the military

    Trevor DustinTrevor DustinPřed dnem
  • his youtube channel makes him seem like a cool guy

    Edgelord_ ChemicalRomanceEdgelord_ ChemicalRomancePřed dnem
  • To the Ranch...

    Sweefster 1Sweefster 1Před dnem
  • Are these cases ... Fucking real or just an act? Coz as an act it's very well crafted and funny as hell But I can't imagine real life peeps doing this shit

    Haruhi SuzumiyaHaruhi SuzumiyaPřed dnem
  • what actually happened in the end

    khaled3 musakhaled3 musaPřed dnem
  • Goose Wayne is the bully hunter we need but not the one we deserve

    Dankius Memeius Maximus the ThirdDankius Memeius Maximus the ThirdPřed dnem
  • He wants that ring back and she isn't graceful enough to return it after being dumped. Some states award the ring to whoever gets dumped... Maybe he knows she is bitter enough to go to court to keep an (expensive or heirloom/sentimental) ring so he has to get her to call it off.

    Tosic CatTosic CatPřed dnem
  • it was persona

    Channel 0Channel 0Před dnem
  • PewDiePie looks like Basshunter he always make me think of Basshunter

    Kyle PeddleKyle PeddlePřed dnem
  • "Bald to baldy" 😂😂

    SallySallyPřed dnem
  • i got a lele pons ad on this video

    Mida OMida OPřed dnem
  • Petition to get him to switch to hulk instead

    EsmeeEsmeePřed dnem
  • Batman dude so fake. How the hell this cute girl go out to this loser that has no job and thinks he batman that he dos nothing at all. Dr.phil shows are so fake lol

    SniperclysmSniperclysmPřed dnem
  • please do meme review with elon musk

    Madalin Traian TiganusMadalin Traian TiganusPřed dnem
  • All of my ads are for ranch supplies...

    Ashton AllenAshton AllenPřed dnem
  • How did you “help” him

    Theslow RiseTheslow RisePřed dnem
  • He's pretending like he's a RLSH, huh for more info

    White SkullWhite SkullPřed dnem
  • 2019 don kihot

    A ?A ?Před dnem
  • шак дональдс Пьюди ты че рашн?

    ДоБроВоЙ ЧеловекДоБроВоЙ ЧеловекPřed dnem
  • If he wants to be a she, and she wants to be a he, and a nine year old boy can be a drag queen..... and a 7 year old girl can make a 7 minute video dropping More F bombs than I drop in a year because her parents are angry about the word but can't speak for themselves, then I'm cool with this guy being Batman..... exept for the fact that he went to Dr. Phake...👊

    seanseanPřed dnem
Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN