BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
#SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44
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  • I just saw Emma Stone introduce BTS am i a bit like not ok right now yes i am not alright right now

    FlozyFlozyPřed dnem
  • I want to dance 💃 with them but instead I am reading lovely’s comments

    Sari AnneSari AnnePřed dnem

    FlozyFlozyPřed dnem

    Sandhya subramanianSandhya subramanianPřed dnem
  • SNL is responsible for a lot of my obsessions. I got turned on to Hamilton when Lin hosted, and now I can’t get enough of these guys. I’m friggin 36 yrs old and I am head over heels in love with Jungkook. Damn you SNL, and thank you.

    rswaitsrswaitsPřed dnem
  • jimin really made the dance routine his bitch

    Morgan A.M.Morgan A.M.Před dnem
  • 와... 나 남자인데 반해버렸다..

    세넓배많세넓배많Před dnem
  • They singing live right? Oh my my.. Love the dance moves

    Te3nager93Te3nager93Před dnem
  • Ladies and gentlemen:BTS 💜

    Bafreen 22Bafreen 22Před dnem
  • what a great group for Gay rites! Good on you guys i hope all the gay community support gay Korean men!

    Lachlan MelvilleLachlan MelvillePřed dnem
  • One thing I wonder and admire about army is that they look every move, dress, action, voice, behaviour or background of BTS performance unlike me who use to normally listen and see their performance without concerning every details of it. It shows how dedicated Army's are...Though I claimed myself an army, I'm not fit enough it whenever I see other over-dedicated armies...Anyway, J-Hope and RM is my bias...I'm a father of 2 yrs old son and I'll surely introduce this band once he could understand real music band...

    MB HKMB HKPřed dnem
  • Jimin's intro is so sweet.

    PinkJiminPinkJiminPřed dnem
  • I'M CRYING 😍😍😍😍😍😣😭😭😭

    Sara AlzawahrehSara AlzawahrehPřed dnem
  • I love this performance and this comment section 💜

    Lovely JiminLovely JiminPřed dnem
  • I watch the opening like 1000 times to see how every member moves lol

    Terri LamTerri LamPřed dnem
  • y'all wanna see the true face of happiness? just keep watching the female backup singer in the background and watch her face when RM's verse comes in... PRICELESS!!!

    Ashay NaleAshay NalePřed dnem
  • bts the best

  • They are all shining like the brightest stars, but J-hope’s talent, stage presence, charisma and confidence on this stage is beyond anything I’ve seen before! Way to go, Hobi!!!

    Alenka AknelaAlenka AknelaPřed dnem
  • I know this is unrelated but I just wanna congratulate BTS for winning "DAESANG" (The Grand Award) along with 3 other trophies (ARTIST OF THE YEAR, ALBUM OF THE YEAR, U+ IDOL LIVE POPULARITY AWARD) at The Fact Music Awards tonight, 190424. Congratulations, BTS !!!! Love you guys to the moon and back ~~~~~ Army form Malaysia

    P. I. X. I. EP. I. X. I. EPřed dnem
  • JUNGKOOK!!!!! U KILL ME !!!!

    Az VlogAz VlogPřed dnem
  • This video is still on trending in my country !!!! And it's nothing surprising because they are LEGENDS !

    P. I. X. I. EP. I. X. I. EPřed dnem
  • 방탄이 우리나라 예능에 좀나왔으면

    옹너블옹너블Před dnem
  • The best performers ever

    Lillyanna TaehyungLillyanna TaehyungPřed dnem
  • 개..쩐다.. 외쿡 SNL까지 진출했네

    유감유감Před dnem
  • 정신들차려라..

    이강호이강호Před dnem
  • Najis kalo ada black pink ya

    Rama RamaRama RamaPřed dnem
  • au.... au..... au, histeris gua 😘

    wong desowong desoPřed dnem
  • Это прекрасно 💜💙❤️💚🧡 Русские отзовитесь 😂

    Ęłūзãвėтå ПãkĘłūзãвėтå ПãkPřed dnem
  • Hello SNL: I have referenced the link to this video in my article on BTS. Hope you are ok with it. If not Pls let me know. Here is the link:

    Pavitra PaiPavitra PaiPřed dnem
  • Idek why in here Lolololololol

    Ella RobertsElla RobertsPřed dnem
  • Jungkooking so handsome

    Zhiling ZhangZhiling ZhangPřed dnem
  • 2:18 this part is satisfying

    Mona AlhuloMona AlhuloPřed dnem
  • What’s name of the blue hair ? His voice is so sexy!!!

    Bandits MiaBandits MiaPřed dnem
    • V, His real name is Kim Taehyung.

      Red RubyRed RubyPřed dnem
  • Jungkooks background vocals

    MowitaMowitaPřed dnem
  • Ok

    Hạ ĐỗHạ ĐỗPřed dnem
  • The cameraman hates Jin 😡 he never shoot when Jin's part

    Tiara PutriTiara PutriPřed dnem
  • My bias is blue hair 💙💙

    Hiray MomoHiray MomoPřed dnem
  • *_JIMIN ~ ahhh ... 😫😭😍😍❤️ are u tryna kill me_* ❤️️

    Ridhima SharmaRidhima SharmaPřed dnem
  • Not gonna lie. I liked it alot. This song is stuck in my head. And I really don't know the words.

    Jason FidelJason FidelPřed dnem
  • Is it weird there are very old armys and very young armys? To me its not weird at all

    Wolf 한국어AltheaWolf 한국어AltheaPřed dnem
  • The green hair one can fuck me all night

    J CJ CPřed dnem
    • Please respect them as human beings and recognize their talents.they are more them their looks.

      Red RubyRed RubyPřed dnem
  • Omg... Bts my favorite k pop group 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 2:17 welcome to another "break the neck" with Jimin 😁

    serenity rose quartzserenity rose quartzPřed dnem
  • It’s so live. Hahaah im going crazyyyy!!!

    unknownfancyunknownfancyPřed dnem
  • 0:50 anyone else see the Sope moment?

    LunaaaaaLunaaaaaPřed dnem
  • Seeing all these comments I feel really proud #PROUD_ARMY

    duhitstaev too swag 4 youduhitstaev too swag 4 youPřed dnem
  • im.BTS korea man

    leejeha korealeejeha koreaPřed dnem
  • Sugaaaaaa

    Dinda ManuellaDinda ManuellaPřed dnem
  • ユンギさんのシャツ気になるな

    mot _dmot _dPřed dnem
  • 4:09 I thought Taehyung said vkook

    Harshita HarshitaHarshita HarshitaPřed dnem

    Dheasy AngelaDheasy AngelaPřed dnem
    • Dheasy Angela cute 💖 his name is Kim Taehyung, he goes by the stage name V. check out his solos Singularity, Stigma and Scenery :)

      MyrthexLatoyaMyrthexLatoyaPřed dnem
  • How are they not chanting??

    RaineAnimatesRaineAnimatesPřed dnem
    • Because it's the first time they performed this song...

      Red RubyRed RubyPřed dnem

  • What is with all these people saying : "I'm *insert old age here* years old but I love BTS. Just say that you love them and go.

    Putik PadiPutik PadiPřed dnem
    • +I've got strength Ikr?!

      Putik PadiPutik PadiPřed dnem
    • Just because of the stereotype that their fanbase consists of teenagers

      I've got strengthI've got strengthPřed dnem
  • Squad at prom be like

    flint the ninjaflint the ninjaPřed dnem
  • I love how no one of them is the same and yet I can’t tell em apart it’s amazing

    Leo BaftirovskiLeo BaftirovskiPřed dnem
    • Leo Baftirovski lmao it’ll get easy with time

      GCF by JKGCF by JKPřed dnem
  • Who Jimin? THAT PINK HAIR GUY Listen his solo song : Serendipity 💛 Lie 💛 Promise #SoundCloud Spotify 💛

    kindnessKP PJMSkindnessKP PJMSPřed dnem
  • Go to be SOLOIST JIMIN .. you are ready now to be solo like the rest member too ..

    kindnessKP PJMSkindnessKP PJMSPřed dnem
  • Jimin born to be performer .. WOW WOW WOW.. LOOK AT HIS DANCE .. SMOOTH & CLEAN... wow SOLO ALBUM please

    kindnessKP PJMSkindnessKP PJMSPřed dnem
  • K I N G S

    Luci ParkLuci ParkPřed dnem
  • Awwww look at them smile all through the song. I'm happy looking at them I like Their duality while performing this and mic drop. From cute, smiley to swaggy and serous.

    Bts LoverBts LoverPřed dnem
  • Is it just me.. or is some of their mics a bit off?

    Analiza GabunadaAnaliza GabunadaPřed dnem
  • I am 149yo and they're perfect

    ThisevanThisevanPřed dnem
  • I love you Taehyung ♥️

    TJ LEETJ LEEPřed dnem
  • Love Is nothing stronger *stronger* FUCKING JUNGKOOKS VOICE

    moonie jadamoonie jadaPřed dnem
  • I am man but fall in love BTS..

    Shark ImShark ImPřed dnem
  • so THIS is what all the hype about bts is..... I get it now....

    G MG MPřed dnem
  • Jimin, you so sexy💜💜💜

    prisma328prisma328Před dnem
  • That was TERRIBLE. STOP IT.

    J G FrakesJ G FrakesPřed dnem
    • Ur mother

      AR MYAR MYPřed dnem
    • Wtf? Fuck off

      watch BTS - Spring Day MVwatch BTS - Spring Day MVPřed dnem
  • I like how the backup vocalist in the back enjoy the stage. I was just watching her to know which part she backs up and eventually got me smile because she looks so genuinely happy with this song

    07:1907:19Před dnem
    • +Riachan93 Thank you for the information. What a talented person! It's really good that writers have chance to perform together. There are so many great people behind the performers, and they also deserve the thrill of the stage!

      07:1907:19Před dnem
    • Her name is Melanie Fontana. She wrote the song. She has said herself that performing her song with BTS was one of the best moments of her life so yeah, she's having fun. :D

      Riachan93Riachan93Před dnem
  • Where the chant?

    AmeliaDeCookiePotato!AmeliaDeCookiePotato!Před dnem
    • I don't think they allow it on SNL

      I've got strengthI've got strengthPřed dnem
    • This was the first comeback stage so there's no fanchant

      watch BTS - Spring Day MVwatch BTS - Spring Day MVPřed dnem
  • Jokes aside they all have some mean ass stamina

    Elmer OsorioElmer OsorioPřed dnem
    • This is the chillest choreo though Normally it's much harder.

      Taymaa a.Taymaa a.Před dnem
    • Oh u should watch their Mic drop mama performance and Idol performance they have bigger stamina than this lol

      watch BTS - Spring Day MVwatch BTS - Spring Day MVPřed dnem
  • This is amazing, absolutely AMAZING!

  • Filthy Frank needs to comeback so he can review bts. But no, he turned into Joji. But hey, he’s good but still, it would’ve been funny as fuck if he gave a review about bts. It would be like the weeb video but way worst since it’s bts

    Rogue SoulReaperRogue SoulReaperPřed dnem
    • Do u guys not know who filthy frank is, he would make the funniest shit about bts

      Rogue SoulReaperRogue SoulReaperPřed dnem
    • Taymaa a.Taymaa a.Před dnem
    • Dafuq?

      watch BTS - Spring Day MVwatch BTS - Spring Day MVPřed dnem
  • OMG GUYS LIKE BTS IS LIKE TOTALLY LIKE DOG SHIT. Fuck this. Hoe. Shits ass. This a no no. No bueno. Hasta luego and they all look the same. I’m not racist and I’m Asian myself. I get this stereotype enough but these guys actually look the same. What does bts even stand for. Big tity sack.

    Rogue SoulReaperRogue SoulReaperPřed dnem
    • Are you done

      GCF by JKGCF by JKPřed dnem
  • Wow, so many new ARMYs here... welcome to the fam! 💜

    Alexa NatividadAlexa NatividadPřed dnem

    jenny nguyenjenny nguyenPřed dnem
  • I'm not an avid fan but I really like this particular song and their choreography. So catchy and cute! 😍 Also, the way Jimin and Jin moves, ughh 💋👌

    Nanchii A.Nanchii A.Před dnem
  • Awesome stuff! :)

  • Jhope' smile😍

    55 onyou55 onyouPřed dnem
  • They 💕💕😭

    HannyaHannyaPřed dnem
  • 와 이런 날이 오긴 오구나

    Minjun KwakMinjun KwakPřed dnem
  • I can't get over this performance ... I can't wait for the BBMAs !!! O.o

    Jane RittJane RittPřed dnem
  • Their smiles at the end and they all look so happy especially Hobi 😊

    HwalloweenHwalloweenPřed dnem
  • OMG!!!Jungkook's adlips and smile and body rolling!! All of them killed me!!

    black kwblack kwPřed dnem
  • Yes many people obsessed bts:):):)

    Rose VillaRose VillaPřed dnem
  • Emma’s face @0:07

    bellajuventinabellajuventinaPřed dnem
  • the band n back up singers seem to be enjoying themselves hahhsjsd, esp the woman

    cielcielPřed dnem
  • I'm not an avid follower of K-pop, I like it but I only really follow Blackpink and Mamamoo...but this was incredibly impressive. I've only heard of BTS and knew people loved them a ton but I never heard them myself...I see why people love them now

    Lorelai MLorelai MPřed dnem
  • Love them

    Vibe SeoksVibe SeoksPřed dnem
  • 3:56 fancy!!

    Jeph ChingJeph ChingPřed dnem
  • among all their performance for me this one is the most natural and attractive. like I cant stop, this make me addicting

    Gabrilla TsarwatyGabrilla TsarwatyPřed dnem
  • it's scary how jungkook actually sings it like in the album like i barely hear him breath. wtf i love them

    Charlyn CatostosCharlyn CatostosPřed dnem
  • So so good

    Cửu Vĩ Hỏa HồCửu Vĩ Hỏa HồPřed dnem
  • Did you like Jimin's hair Yes-like No-comment

    Family HomeFamily HomePřed dnem
  • im worried for jin, i hope hes alright. he deserves a lot of love. he really is missing recognition.

    Caroline MoralesCaroline MoralesPřed dnem
    • Caroline Morales he’s getting a lot of attention nowadays. Most of the comments in the bangtan bomb of boy with luv at mnet comeback is about him

      AngusAngusPřed dnem
  • 넘좋다

    bts아미아미아미bts아미아미아미Před dnem
  • We're proud of u guys!

    MasterPopMasterPopPřed dnem
  • Let's all wear white shoes and not tell yoongi😏😂

    Jeon LisKookieJeon LisKookiePřed dnem
BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL