Annoying Orange - The Juice #6: Hands, Legs, Ears?!

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  • It must be unpearable to stand orange 😂😂😂

    green beedrillgreen beedrillPřed 15 hodinami
  • How about this? Minecraft, Lego or ROBLOX?

    TNTguy45980TNTguy45980Před 18 hodinami
  • Legs

    Its RoIts RoPřed dnem
  • This is crew🍊🍐🍎🍋

    Tylen BetseyTylen BetseyPřed dnem
  • funny,smart,tall,cute or rich

    Nicola WattonNicola WattonPřed dnem
  • What sport would you do, soccer, football or bowling?

    lil picklil pickPřed 3 dny
  • Omg i love this series😄😀

    Abdul Razak Othman MaxAbdul Razak Othman MaxPřed 3 dny
  • Hold on how did pear get annoyed since episode 1 if he doesn't have ears ❗️❕❓❔

    Tameem HussainTameem HussainPřed 3 dny
  • The juice: would u rather have a super power: run fast,fly,control minds

    Thegibsons35Thegibsons35Před 3 dny
  • Go down the suwer challenge

    J GroveJ GrovePřed 5 dny
  • I love your hiklo juce hagiografias hahahahaha!

    Pedro IvoPedro IvoPřed 5 dny
  • Me: hey MIDGET apple What Knife 😫

    Pedro IvoPedro IvoPřed 5 dny
  • Me: hey marshmellow Marshie: what Me: hot cocoa! Marshie aaaaaaa

    Pedro IvoPedro IvoPřed 5 dny
  • No eyes or no mouth

    super plush channel ksuper plush channel kPřed 6 dny
  • My body part i choose is ears so that i could listen to some music!!!!!

    Dave NavaroDave NavaroPřed 7 dny
  • If you could have eat one thing for the rest of you lives would you eat , burritos , tacos or sandwiches

    RioRioPřed 7 dny
  • Whats your favorite cars 3 racers? Lightning McQueen , Bobby Swift , Cal Weathers or Brick Yardley

    Daniel AlbertoDaniel AlbertoPřed 8 dny
    • You will become that racer at the end of the video when you choose it

      Daniel AlbertoDaniel AlbertoPřed 8 dny
  • what game would you play for the rest of your life

    coreywood09coreywood09Před 8 dny
  • P

    randy rhodesrandy rhodesPřed 9 dny
  • The

    randy rhodesrandy rhodesPřed 9 dny
  • How 2 TNT

    johanjohanPřed 9 dny
  • What animal is your favourite? Dogs, Cats or Rabbits

    Fishy TailFishy TailPřed 10 dny
  • Would you rather get a new car or smash orange or hug grapefruit or give ur fav book to bear (and I do mean pear Hahahahaha XD you taste like pooooooooolp

    Poop267267Poop267267Před 12 dny
  • If you could have one thing for the rest of your life’s... would you want: passion back

    Wael El-DasherWael El-DasherPřed 13 dny
  • If you would have an alien for a pay what would you like a Martian a xenomorph or A predator

    lang huynhlang huynhPřed 13 dny

    Kiên VũKiên VũPřed 13 dny
  • Hands

    Sharpe BoysSharpe BoysPřed 14 dny
  • I would say dolphin!!!

    Tonya JonesTonya JonesPřed 15 dny
  • hey orange, who would you swap bodies with? pear, grapefruit, marshmallow or little apple?

    kaafan91kaafan91Před 15 dny
  • I’m glad I went back to watching. **subs**

    Zaxidorz ZacZaxidorz ZacPřed 16 dny
  • i would be the Bart Simpson of those megaphones

    Jakey BearJakey BearPřed 17 dny
  • The Juice Part 7 whats your favorite animals

    KrisKrossKrisKrossPřed 18 dny
  • hey orange witch console do you want xbox ps4 or nintendo swich

    jordanf10jordanf10Před 18 dny
  • I would yell, “JOHN CENA!” with a super mega megaphone!

    Garrison GoldbergGarrison GoldbergPřed 18 dny
  • Pear you don't have ears so are you hearing orange

    jamie hibbertjamie hibbertPřed 19 dny
  • Butt butt Jggchxvngf g

    Johanna MeagherJohanna MeagherPřed 19 dny
  • If you had a supper power would it be fly_ing , strength or ice powers

    Helen GilmartinHelen GilmartinPřed 20 dny
  • I wish orange will have hands

    Puri KhuntiPuri KhuntiPřed 20 dny
  • I would sing “everything is awesome”

    Cappy the Red hatCappy the Red hatPřed 21 dnem

    Xavier animations and blogsXavier animations and blogsPřed 22 dny
  • It’s just sad now

    Nutball 262Nutball 262Před 22 dny
  • You could say It juice Exicting

    Lucas Blast494Lucas Blast494Před 22 dny
  • Click bait no arms legs

    Gucci GageGucci GagePřed 23 dny
  • I used to watch this all the time, sadly it is now shadow banned....

    Evelynn SuttonEvelynn SuttonPřed 23 dny
  • XD

    Mew mew is allsomeMew mew is allsomePřed 24 dny
  • slice 2 🍗 u

    Ruben PigRuben PigPřed 24 dny
  • I . . . WANT . . . JUUUUUUUUICE😤😡😠😈

    Macariu LaurentiuMacariu LaurentiuPřed 24 dny
  • Ears ears earrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs😠🤒

    Macariu LaurentiuMacariu LaurentiuPřed 24 dny
  • If you can look like one ball for the rest of your life which one bowling ball, soccer ball tennis ball, football, or baseball

    Vlogs vs GamesVlogs vs GamesPřed 24 dny
  • THE JUICE Question: If you stands on a another fruit? Pear, Grapefruit or Little Apple?

    ClaraAndCeazar ChannelClaraAndCeazar ChannelPřed 25 dny
  • 1:41 Look at Midget Apple!

    Kevin FerreiraKevin FerreiraPřed 25 dny
  • Baldi, Bendy, Granny.

  • eenie meenie miny moe and your thing

    jimmichonga 17jimmichonga 17Před 26 dny
  • scream at my sister

    williamplayzwilliamplayzPřed 26 dny
  • His like it Orange you mlnecaft

    Nieko CarpenterNieko CarpenterPřed 26 dny
  • hey orange is marshmallow a boy or a girl tell me or the juice is cansled

    Yolanda FaisonYolanda FaisonPřed 26 dny
  • Spider lunch spider lunch he is tasty and he’s funny *SPIDER LUNCH*

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerPřed 26 dny
  • Crazy🍐 bbb! Boot👞

    Lalaloopsy Littles and Beanie Boos in ActionLalaloopsy Littles and Beanie Boos in ActionPřed 26 dny
  • 😟😟😢😢😢😭😭😭or😣😣😣😣😣😲😲😨😨🤤🤤

    Color me naturalColor me naturalPřed 27 dny
  • What kind of juice do you prefer?

    TheOdd1sOut Creations and ComicsTheOdd1sOut Creations and ComicsPřed 27 dny
  • Orange, what part of the face would you have? Nose, Hair or a chin

    Liam ForsterSmithLiam ForsterSmithPřed 27 dny
  • Do you like: Horses, Unicorns, or both

    lashawn sherielashawn sheriePřed 27 dny
  • if you could delete one frute frome the kitchen whould yo delete pashon, pear, grape frute, or grandpa lemon?🤪🤪🤪🤪+🍊

    InterneteMemePonyInterneteMemePonyPřed 27 dny
  • orange i give you a 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% loud MEGA PHONE

    Angela KirchbergAngela KirchbergPřed 27 dny
  • Horse or unicorn

    shabad singh Studiosshabad singh StudiosPřed 27 dny
  • Cookbook look loop polio polio polio polloi l!

    Frankie KempFrankie KempPřed 27 dny
  • Dear Orange What Your Favorite Cartoon On Nicktoons Or Cartoon Network

    Ali WinchesterAli WinchesterPřed 27 dny
  • I want more juice!!!!

    Chris is weirdChris is weirdPřed 27 dny
  • You hah a picking your nose orange

    fred michaelfred michaelPřed 28 dny
  • You need 24 episodes of the juice until the season finale and the season 2 has the new set and the audience view

    Kristy NationKristy NationPřed 28 dny
  • ☠️🧨🥶

    Paula SejbukPaula SejbukPřed 28 dny
  • Happy ester egg Orange

    Maryjane MendozaMaryjane MendozaPřed 28 dny
  • why feet ears and hands that’s silly

    KR Mii StudiosKR Mii StudiosPřed 28 dny
  • I'm drinking orange juice *and I love your vids :D*

    AdamTRM AdamTRMAdamTRM AdamTRMPřed 28 dny
  • If you're a horse would you rather be a Pegasus, a unicorn or a pegacorn

    Zhen AbojamameZhen AbojamamePřed 28 dny
  • And Say that All Together

    TornGlitter playz.TornGlitter playz.Před 28 dny
  • Hey Orange Say Oh Blue Down

    TornGlitter playz.TornGlitter playz.Před 28 dny
  • You should do be a artist musician or be a teacher

    Kristi HillKristi HillPřed 28 dny
  • Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Mahasin MalikMahasin MalikPřed 28 dny

    Ismael FrancoIsmael FrancoPřed 28 dny
  • what kind of gift would you like to give to your friends

    Torin LewisTorin LewisPřed 28 dny
  • Microphone Megaphone Megamegaphone Megamegamegaphone Megasmallestphone Megasmallerphone Megasmallphone Megabigphone Megabiggerphone Megabiggestphone Megaweakphone Megastrongphone Megasmallestweakphone Megasmallerweakphone Megasmallweakphone Megabigweakphone Megabiggerweakphone Megabiggestweakphone Megasmalleststrongphone Megasmallerstrongphone Megasmallstrongphone Megabigstrongphone Megabiggerstrongphone Megabiggeststrongphone Megabiggeststrongmicrophone

    Pat ChihotaPat ChihotaPřed 28 dny
  • Megabiggeststronggigagigamegaweakphone

    Pat ChihotaPat ChihotaPřed 28 dny
  • Idk

    Ressios [GD]Ressios [GD]Před 28 dny
  • Мами

    нубик инубик иPřed 29 dny
  • Its the juice megamegamega 😂

    Princess kate BuftonPrincess kate BuftonPřed 29 dny
  • omg hahahahahahahahhaahahhaah explode

    Davin Ryan CorpusDavin Ryan CorpusPřed 29 dny
  • 🍊🍐🍎🍋

    Makye ColeMakye ColePřed 29 dny
  • Hey orange I love your channel and can you put a booger on pear when he’s sleep

    Makye ColeMakye ColePřed 29 dny
  • Wierdo

    Cameron CalmanCameron CalmanPřed 29 dny
  • Make a metting of What you shood make cookies 🍪

    Miriam RodriguezMiriam RodriguezPřed 29 dny
  • If you had lunch, what dessert would you have: cake, jello, or ice cream

    Sweet Cupcake122Sweet Cupcake122Před 29 dny
  • Sllpalspooql

    Elvis WilliamsElvis WilliamsPřed 29 dny
    • Haha

      some guysome guyPřed 28 dny
    • Siisooals

      Elvis WilliamsElvis WilliamsPřed 29 dny
    • Ejie5

      Elvis WilliamsElvis WilliamsPřed 29 dny
  • Hey orange. What size would be every day? Big,small,or medium?

    Galaxy cat 100Galaxy cat 100Před 29 dny
    • I meant to say what size you would be

      Galaxy cat 100Galaxy cat 100Před 27 dny
  • Hey guys of you want to be something would you choose ninja, demon, or Dragon? You can pick only one.

    Cara ZambettiCara ZambettiPřed 29 dny
  • Make an AO song version of "centuries".

    Nikolas LucioNikolas LucioPřed 29 dny
  • Do the challenge where you get to inhale giant watermelons.

    IncineroarMan4055IncineroarMan4055Před 29 dny
  • Who would you want to come back if you had to pick one? Pumpkin (from plumpkin) Santa (From Sandy Claus) or Tomato? (From toe-may-toe)

    Jinty The Black Tank EngineJinty The Black Tank EnginePřed 29 dny
  • Give Little Apple legs! Please, don't try and find a way to get rid of them!

  • Cool Orange

    Ali MohamoudAli MohamoudPřed 29 dny
Annoying Orange - The Juice #6: Hands, Legs, Ears?!